Our choices have an impact - what impact are you going to have?

The N.E.R.D.Y Network podcast explores the future of teaching, learning and leading through conversations, questions and stories. 

Naomi started to interview some of the brightest and most forward thinking people from all around the world in 2017. This inquiry was originally called 'Empathetic Educators' as Naomi believes the more we can understand ourselves and others, the more we can unlock our individual and collective potential. 

After spending some time reflecting and refining the learning that was taking place. Naomi realised there were themes and areas of focus that she was being drawn to focus on. 

So, the podcast has been rebranded to 'The N.E.R.D.Y Network' and we can't wait to explore all the nerdy topics with you! Naomi has been making connections between the conversations she has had in the past which will be the foundational nerdy pillars for the platform moving forward. 

Check out some of the N.E.R.D.Y soundbites below to get a taste of what is to come. 

We will be focusing on the brain and its impact on behaviour and cognitive functions.

We will be exploring teaching, learning and leading. Looking at research and resources from across the globe.

Join us on a global journey to learn more about the amazing places & perspectives around the world.

Design Thinking
Let's explore what mindsets, systems & practices best facilitate innovation and sustainable environments.

We will be looking at mind & behaviour to better understand thoughts, feelings and actions.

The N.E.R.D.Y Network Podcast will be launching again in 2024 - watch this space.