Welcome One and all to #EEConQuest! 

This is a rewindable conference with a twist.  As you can see in the visual above in July 2021 we went on an exciting learning quest with educators from all around the world.

This was Empathetic Educator's first live 12 hour conference and it was filled with curiosity, creativity, collaboration and more which you can catch up on today by clicking the pictures below!!

Over the past few years Empathetic Educators has landed on 6 themes which we explored across the day of learning because we believe need to Challenge ourselves to find the power is within our G.R.A.S.P'

Within our; Growth. Relationships. Accountability. Systems. Perspectives

If you have any questions, queries or constructive feedback I would love to hear from you! You can find me on @naomi_toland on twitter and @naomi.m.t on Instagram or naomi toland on LinkedIn!

Looking forward to connecting and learning together!