April 2024
Educational Holiday Programme

Astro Art Adventures School Holiday Programme

117 Arthur Street, Onehunga

April 2024 Holiday Programme:

Week 1: April 15th – 19th

Week 2: April 22nd – 26th

From 10am – 2pm

Single Day Registration: $60 / Day

Full Week Special: $290 / Week

Early Bird * Day Special: $55 / Day
Early Bird * Week Special: $280 / Week

All arts materials included and fruit provided

Please bring a drink bottle, lunch or snacks

 *Book before 31st Dec 2023 to get Early Bird Discounts

"Naomi is so skilled at understanding where your child is at and finding creative ways to help them develop." 


"Since starting the TOLAND journey both Ethan and Noah are more engaged. They look forward to it and while it is structured it is also easy for the boys to see goals they can achieve." 


"Naomi is a brilliant tutor for my daughter, helping her progress in her current learning. Naomi makes learning fun." 


April 2024 School Holiday Programme
      World Wonders

Spend your school holidays taking part in epic adventures, growing your creative superpowers,
exploring characters from your imagination and beyond.

Week 1 Holiday Programme 15th - 19th April

Take Flight
Maps, Movement & Migration
Monday 15th April

Let's start the week exploring what wonders the world has to offer. Discover different destinations, learning about the world around you. What will the maps show? What countries will you see

Model it, Make it
Blueprints, Biotech & Building
Tuesday 16th April 2024

Ignite the power of your imagination as we turn our studio into a building site for the day. Creating, sculpting and constructing innovative designs of your very own. What will you model? What will you make? 

Step into Nature
Environment, Energy & Ecosystems
Wednesday 17th April

Nature has powerful forces that we can connect with to help make a positive impact on ourselves and our environment. Let's up cycle and explore the natural arts to bring our learning to life! 

Wonderful Wildlife
Patterns, Perspectives & Printmaking
Thursday 18th April 2024

What is your favourite animal and why? Come along as we go on a variety of animal adventures, visiting habitats across the globe. Let's learn more about the amazing creatures we share our planet with. 

Ancient Explorations
Signs, Symbols and Storytelling
Friday 19th April 2024

Antiques, Artefacts & Ancient Ruins. The world has many wonders waiting to be uncovered. Join in the fun, decoding historic glyphs and navigating lands of old. Going on a captivating journey of learning & discovery!

World Wonders Week 1
Adventure Awaits 
15th - 19th April 2024

From Ancient Explorations to different destinations when we Take Flight. Book a full week of adventure, learning about wonders around the world. Don't miss an adventure of a lifetime these school holidays! 

Week 2 Holiday Programme 22nd - 26th April

Under the Sea
Design, Direction & Discovery
Monday 22nd April

Explore the depths of the ocean, escape creatures of the deep and design your own underwater world. Join us for an action packed day of aquatic adventure, as we uncover hidden treasures on the ocean floor.

Stories around the World
Connections, Curiosity & Creativity
Tuesday 23rd April

Myths, Legends and Stories that have been passed down for centuries. Let's have fun exploring the joy of storytelling from countries around the world! What stories do you know? What stories do you want to discover?

When I Grow Up
Tasks, Trades & Teamwork
Wednesday 24th April

Learn about how your talents and capabilities might be put to good use. Ignite your passions and interests during our job fair learning experiences.  How far might your creative currency go? What impact will you have?

STEAM & Sustainability
Ideas, Imagination & Innovation
Thursday 25th April

Science. Technology. Engineering
Arts. Maths. Sustainability
How might we explore challenges around the world to create innovative solutions? Bring your creative cap and let's design together!

Reach for the Stars
Shape, Space and Our Solar System
Friday 26th April 2024

The universe is an imaginative playground waiting to be explored. What a finale to our programme! Join us as we blast off into Outer Space, unleashing unlimited potential as we navigate our Solar System and beyond. 

World Wonders Week 2
Adventure Awaits 
22nd - 26th April 2024

From Stories Around the World to deep water discoveries Under the Sea. Book in for a full week of adventure, learning about wonders around the world. Don't miss out on an adventure of a lifetime these school holidays! 

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