Are you at the beginning of your Teaching or Leading career looking for support?

Mentor Meetups explore a range of topics weaving research with practical resources looking at ways to better understand ourselves and others. We are on a quest to explore approaches to teaching, learning and leading that transforms education and inspires human development.

Mentor Meetups are workshops where Early Career Teachers and Beginning Mentors, Coaches or Leaders work alongside each other to explore their new roles, learning and growing together.

Naomi Toland, our Creative Director, has spent the last 10 years teaching, learning and leading in a variety of educational sectors around the world including, Tokyo, London, Auckland and Costa Rica.

Researching topics such as Neuroscience, Psychology and much more to better understand our brains and bodies. Designing opportunities that create pathways to success for Teachers, Learners and Leaders.

Mentor Meetups enable people to discover their own tools and strategies to create personalised, effective, long lasting change that helps turn challenges into opportunities. All the while, growing a community of support where you can have fun, gain fresh ideas and discover new approaches to learning and to life. 

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