Naomi is interested all things Education, Innovation & Global Exploration.
She is from the Emerald Isle of Ireland and is very proud to be a Derry Girl. Since leaving home at 18years old she has been teaching, learning and leading in a variety of places including Tokyo, Auckland, London and Costa Rica. 

Researching topics such as Neuroscience, Psychology and Design Thinking, Naomi has interviewed educators and leaders around the world including Barbara Oakley, John Hattie and David Lee. On a quest to better understand our brains and bodies, Naomi believes this will provide pathways that transform education while inspiring human development. 

Naomi spent her first 3 years of teaching in Hackney, London. It was during this time  she developed a deep curiosity for creativity across the curriculum as Arts Co-ordinator for her school. Achieving a once in a lifetime opportunity of meeting Sir Ken Robinson in 2017 at Bett.

Alongside many highlights, it was during this time, in her first year of teaching specifically, where she got a big awakening as to what it means to be a teacher and all the hats a teacher might wear.

This had a big impact on her personally and professionally. She says "I was getting migraines almost daily, I noticed my whole body reacting negatively to the unknown. I couldn't help but think, I am supposed to have been trained for this, why am I feeling so under prepared?"

So this set Naomi on a journey of process, perseverance and possibilities. She has made it her life's mission to better understand how our bodies work as she believes the more we can understand how and why we do things, the more we can help ourselves and the people around us take control and reach our full potential.

So in July 2017, Naomi set off to start her global quest of exploring approaches to education from all corners of the earth. She spent a few months traveling across South America which included diving in the Galaopagos and the opportunity to experience teaching Sustainability at schools in Costa Rica.

Naomi's next chapter took her to Auckland, New Zealand where she taught in an Innovative Learning Environment. Learning about Collaborative Teaching with leadership opportunities including curriculum re design, leading teacher workshops, speaking at conferences and becoming a Google Innovator in Singapore in 2019, meeting the most amazing educators from around the world.  

"The biggest asset in the world is your mindset"
Gary Vee

Over the years, Naomi started to realise that the more she challenged herself and put herself in places where she felt out of her comfort zone, the more she would learn, grow and go beyond what she thought was possible.

So, in 2019, Naomi joined City Kickboxing where amazing athletes like Brad Riddell, Israel Andesanya and Genah Fabian train. Here, she took part in the Wimp 2 Warrior challenge where she had 20 weeks to go from no experience to getting in a cage and having an MMA fight.

She lost. Got concussion and a black eye. Would she change it? No way - the experience taught her about how we can to be accountable for ourselves and the thoughts we have in our head and how fragile and wonderful the mind truly is. Our emotions, thoughts, and behaviours can make or break how we adapt and grow.

In 2020, while the whole world was navigating change, Naomi took the risk and moved independently to a country where she didn't speak the language or know anyone. She taught at an international school in Tokyo, Japan as a PYP teacher gaining an understanding of the IB Curriculum.

Even though she loved Japan, it was here that she started to realise New Zealand was where she wanted to be to set up the next chapter of her life. Since 2021, when she moved back, Naomi has spent some time as a Head Teacher in a Reggio Emilia inspired Preschool, completed her NLP Practitioner certification. She is leading digital learning opportunities for schools in South Auckland as well as initiating After School Clubs in her local area that weave Reading, Writing and Maths with the Arts

'If you walk the footsteps of a stranger - you'll learn things you never knew, you never knew."

Colours of the Wind

So, Naomi's global learning quest has been looking at questions such as; What makes learners from all walks of life tick? What engages children in their learning?  How can we equip teachers with tools to approach education now and in the future? What supports can leaders provide to ignite creativity, foster connection and grow confidence of all in the community?

This has now turned into learning adventures, Astro Art Adventures and Mentor Meetups. She has designed a toolkit to equip adults and children alike with the vision of providing a holistic approach to teaching, learning and leading that transforms education and inspires human development.

Naomi includes "I am looking forward to learning, exploring, growing and having fun with you as we go on these learning adventures together!'


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